Halloween sur Instagram

Bonjour à tous !

Pour commencer le week-end et se mettre dans l’ambiance, chantons tous allègrement Halloween !

Pour rechercher de l’inspiration, rien ne vaut Pinterest, ou encore mieux Instagram. Je suis un certain nombre de comptes, dont les titulaires m’impressionnent autant qu’ils me donnent envie d’essayer des maquillages intriguants.

Un de mes comptes préférés est celui de Marion Moretti, Make-Up Artist chez Make Up For Ever. Voici quelqu’unes de ces créations :

🇬🇧 Thank you so much for your kind words on my last pics, I read all the comments. I can't reply to everyone maybe because I'm lazy ? I don't know lol. I always try to reply when you ask me questions but as usual if you need to know something "important" (or just a general chat) feel free to email or DM me it's easier for me to reply 🙃 THANK YOU SO MUCH 💘 {MAKEUP details on previous pic} 🇫🇷 Merci pour vos gentils commentaires sur mes dernières photos, j'ai lu chacun d'entre eux. Je ne peux pas répondre à tout le monde peut-être parce que je suis feignante ? Je ne sais pas lol. J'essaie toujours de vous répondre quand vous avez des questions précises mais si vous voulez savoir quelque chose en particulier (ou juste discuter) vous pouvez m'envoyer un mail ou un DM c'est plus simple pour répondre 🙃 MERCI À TOUS 💘 {DÉTAILS du maquillage sur la photo précédente}

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🇬🇧 LOOK AT THIS HORRIBLE SKULL HAND 😂 Sorry about that I wanted it to look good with glitters and volumes but I didn't have the products and I was so frustrated I fucked it ! Anyways, I really wanted to show you my new NAILS from @the_nail_empyrean ! You can get 15% off your purchase from their Etsy shop using code MARION at checkout ! They have seriously badass designs so go check them out ! @the_nail_empyrean 💅🏻💖 🇫🇷 REGARDEZ MOI CETTE MAIN SQUELETTE HORRIBLE ! 😂 Je suis désolée de vous infliger cette horreur mais je voulais la faire avec des paillettes et du volume mais je n'avais pas les produits alors j'étais tellement frustrée que j'ai fait un gros caca (pas au sens littéral du terme!). De toute façon, je voulais vous montrer mes nouveaux ongles qui viennent de @the_nail_empyrean et avec le code MARION vous pouvez bénéficier de 15% de remise ! Ils ont des modèles vraiment magnifiques je vous les conseille vraiment, en plus ils sont fait à la taille exacte de vos ongle ! @the_nail_empyrean 💅🏻💖 INSPIRED BY @ssssamanthaa & @giuliannaa

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🇫🇷 RÉSULTAT du quatrième défi que vous m'avez lancé sur snapchat la semaine dernière : HARLEY QUINN ! (Défi lancé par @juste_tessa @aleshita.cardozo @sowsoox @jeannefrnr @saraah062) Mettez moi un 🃏 si vous avez vu le Tuto ! 🇬🇧 RESULT of the fourth topic that you challenged me on on snapchat : HARLEY QUINN ! (Launched by @juste_tessa @aleshita.cardozo @sowsoox @jeannefrnr @saraah062) Comment with a 🃏 if you watched it ! _______________ EYES : Hedonistic & Fraudulent pigments from @furlesscosmetics + Flash Color palette @makeupforeverofficial LASHES : Dollface @houseoflashes TEARS : Aqua Seal @makeupforeverofficial + Pigments LIPS : Blue Velvet @jeffreestarcosmetics + Sanguis @blackmooncosmetics CHOCKER : @regalrose HAIR : 🚨 Photoshopped 🚨

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Dans les comptes étrangers, Kelly Nantes est particulièrement bluffante !

#100DAYSOFMAKEUP 40 🎪Clowns scare u…? (Look the picture turned on the side👽) … 🎪Te asustan los payasos? (Mira la foto de lado👽) ▪▪▪ Products🎈 – @katvondbeauty shade and light eye and face palette – @makeuprevolution @makeup_rev_es golden lights highlighter – @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_es white liquid liner, Vivid Brights liners – @limecrimemakeup Zenon, teddy bear, wicked Velvetines (to do the shades on the eyes as liner and lips) -@lasplashcosmetics Till midnight liquid lipstick -@heancosmetics Satin blush – @revlon_es Colorstay Foundation – cream colors ▪ ▪ ▪ #100daysofmakeupchallenge #clown #clownmakeup #scaryclown #sfx #sfxmakeup #makeup #maquillaje #modt #efectooptico #opticeffect #limecrime #nyx #kvdbeauty #katvondbeauty #makeuprevolution #whitehair #silcerhair #redeyes #lasplashcosmetics #creativemakeup #100daysofekilateral #circus #freakshow #creepymakeup #kvdinspain #kvdcontest #kvdhalloween

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#100DAYSOFMAKEUP 47 (WIP) 💬: 🇪🇸 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 : Tengo que agradecer a @Sigmabeauty por dejarme probar su set de brochas Performance Eyes Kit, al que recurrí continuamente durante el proceso de este maquillaje por su alucinante precisión. En la foto estoy utilizando la finísima E11, con la que dibujé todas las líneas del laberinto. Por otra parte, las super lentillas son las “Werewolf” de @camoeyes . No están editadas, cubren el 100% del color de tus ojos por muy oscuro que sea y duran un año. Me han dado el código de descuento “Ekilateral” para vosotros si os animáis a hacer pedido 😀 Pd: Así es como se ven las líneas de lado para que de frente hagan el efecto óptico😱 🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 : I have to thank @sigmabeauty for letting me try their set of brushes Performance Eyes Kit, which I continuously used during this makeup for their amazing precision. In the picture I am using very fine E11, with which I drew all the lines of the labyrinth. And the crazy cool lenses are "Werewolf" from @camoeyes. They are not edited, they cover the 100% of the color of your eyes, even the darkest. And they last one year. I have given the discount code "Ekilateral" for you if you are going to make an order 😀 Pd. That's how the lines look in the side to look straight looking from the front😱 🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻 #100daysofmakeupchallenge #100daysofekilateral #makeup #maquillaje #modt #wipmakeup #bodypainting #fantasymakeup #sigmabeauty #sigmabrushes #camoeyes #splithair #blackandwhitehair #mazemakeup #labyrinthmakeup #makeupbrushes #facepainting #goth #gothic #witchy #wiccac #alternativegirl #kvdinspain #katvondbeauty #kvdlook #katvondlook #kvdbeauty

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Sur le compte de Sonya Miro, je me suis surtout arrêtée sur ce make-up :

Le compte de Vanessa Davis déborde d’imagination et de détails :

Opulent Punk Skull 💎☠️💎✨ I've been wanting to do something with studs & Swarovski crystals! A detailed list of the products used will follow in the set by step by step picture I will post soon. This was fun if not laborious. My plan was to do a simple studded skull, of course I can't resist turning something into a big look! I used Urban decay on the eyes, and MAC on the rest of the face. The embellishments were all bought quite cheaply on eBay and were stuck down using a prosthetic glue called Aquafix which is water based but very strong. The ultra long spikes were adhered using extra strong toupee tape. #artoftheday #Halloween2016 #halloween2016🎃 #skulltress #amazingmakeupart #ubandecay #maccosmetics #skullmakeup #skullart #skulls #skulltress #halloweenmakeup #halloweencostume #halloween

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Masquerade Jewel Skull ☠️💎💗🎭 This was inspired by the art work of @ryansmithtattooist and a few other images I found on Pinterest which feature amazing jewel tattoos which I will share shortly. I love geometric shapes so this was a massive technical challenge to paint, but it was fun. Also who doesn't love jewels, so I thought with all the real stones ending up on the face this Halloween season, it would be fun to paint them on instead. (Much harder!) I used @wolfefaceartfx face painting palette for the jewel & skull and MAC on the eyes @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk and two sets of lashes, the feathery ones from @kryolanofficial and the upper ones from @blackmagiclashes I will post a more detailed product list in the step by step image coming up soon. Enjoy planning all your Halloween costumes! #halloween2016 #skullart #skullmakeup #skulltress #skull #masquerade #halloweenmakeupideas #amazingmakeupart #dupemag #jewel #jeweltattoo #halloween2016🎃 #halloweenmakeup

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Dernier compte pour aujourd’hui, celui de Giulianna Maria, elle est une vraie source d’inspiration :

Et de votre coté, votre costume prend forme ?


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